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The most southerly part of Europe, the largest Greek island, Crete offers a lot more than a guide of the island can include. One of the most popular holiday destinations for people of all ages and preferences from all over the world. Modern ferry services, airports, international class hotels, as well as small family hotels even up in the mountains cater for every wish or taste. Cretans are warm hospitable people with a unique personality making the visit to the island an unforgettable experience. The Minoan culture, one of the most important civilizations on Earth, hatched and developed here. Archaeological excavations have brought to light cities and palaces of that glorious period: Knossos, Malia, Phaestos, Zakros. The traveller, exploring the sea, high mountains, gorges and plateaus tends to forget that Crete is an island.

Do you want to travel far away from the routine of everyday? Do you want to discover a very beautiful island? Visit Corfu the island with the immense natural beauties, the important historical monuments, the sandy beaches and enjoy your holidays… Corfu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece and the most famous island of the cluster of the Ionian Sea islands. Corfu located on the north part of the Ionian Sea. The island has has to represent legends and incidents that stigmatised the history of the island. Except from her interesting history, the historical and religious monuments that deserve to visit and the Old Town with the Venetian architecture, Corfu has and a modern face too. She offers a variety of activities to the visitors.

One of the most beautiful islands of Greece is Rhodes. Because of her natural beauties, her historical monuments and the exceptional tourist infrastructure constitutes one of the leading summer destinations. When the gods of Olympus won the legendary Giants, Zeus decided to share the ground. However, at the time of division god Sun was absent. So he remained without his own ground. As fair head, Zeus promised that he would give him the first piece of land that would emerge from the sea. At the moment a gorgeous island, Rhodes peeped out of the waters. The sun fell in love and since then to make her distinguish, blazes down on the island with his beams. According to the mythology, this is the explanation that Rhodes is the island with the biggest sunlight.

Are you looking for a hot summer destination? Does your imagination take you to exotic places and then you are afraid that the dream won’t come true? Still, green paradises, and magical beaches with golden shores and turquoise waters might be close to you. Where? In the Aegean arms with many hidden treasures… Samos is situated in the east part of Aegean sea and it is one of the islands with many choices and activities. This green Aegean island, with fertile ground and dreamy lacy shores, long history and remarkable monuments, has now evolved to a famous summer resort with international irradiation.


Santorini, a creation of peeved nature, due to her special history and legends that follow her, the traditional settlements and the vivid cosmic life, has conquered the whole world. It is the southest island of Cyclades. Literally it's a complex of islands comprised from Thera, Therasia, Aspronisi, Palea and Nea Kameni. It is an island with long history that has suffered a lot of catastrophes due to volcano eruptions that have changed its shape. But human power turned to be stronger than rough nature. Today the -almost- lunar scenery with the black, grey and red volcanic rocks has turned into a white state. The mild architecture of Cyclades islands has changed the island's sight. The graphic villages, with the narrow cobblestone pavements, the small squares and their churches impress every visitor. View to volcano that most tourist resorts have- is spectacular. The picture is unique especially sunset. Photos of Santorini's sunset are all around the world. At dawn all visitors run to Kaldera to see the reddish sky.

Kefalonia is an island that impresses every visitor with its unseen natural beauties, historic monuments and hospitality of residents. It is the biggest of Ionian Islands, with an extend of 730sq. Km. It is right across the Patraic Gulf, south of Lefkada and north of Zakynthos. It is an island with tense alterations. Green verdurous landscapes, abrupt slopes, lacy shores, golden beaches, gulfs, small ports and graphic ports. All these create the unique feature of this island. Kefalonia is the hilliest island in Ionian. Enos is the most important mountain of it, with the highest top, Megalo Soro (1626m. height). The hilly bulk of Ainos with rich fauna and flora has been characterized as a National Park since 1962. Highly impressive is the fir forest. The various kinds of bushes, and foxes, rabbits, beech martens, and rare specimen of birds, like petroperdika and fidaetos impress visitors. Apart from the endless natural beauties, Kefalonia has an important historic route to show. It is revealed in the remarkable historic monuments, castles and archaeological sites, we meet as we tour around the island. Eptaneseans distinguish for their religious faith. Churches, monasteries in the island, as and legends connected to the establishment of them, reveal their faith. Something that is shown especially in the way they worship Saint Gerasimos, the protector saint of the island. In general, residents of Kefalonia, distinguish for their liveliness and friendly feelings. Their culture, as in all Ionian Islands, is influenced by Venetians, the conquerors of all Ionian Islands for a long time. Music and dance are inextricable parts of their life, while their hospitality is exemplary. The island’s tourist infrastructures get better and better every year. Kefalonia has evolved to a high standard tourist resort. Thousands of visitors visit the island every year in order to know its natural beauties and mysteries. It is one of the most beautiful and famous islands in Greece, which has inspired the producers of Hollywood to shoot here the movie “The mandolin of captain Korelli”, of big success. Schedule your vacation in the beautiful Kefalonia and let her carry you away.

Kos, the island of Ippikratis, the father of medicine, distinguishes for her rich history, the untold beauties and the culture of her residents. This beautiful island, which belongs to the complex of Dodecanese, is third in size after Rhodes and Karpathos. Its extend reaches up to It has an oblong shape and in the south part of it we meet two mountains, Dikeo and Simbatro. Kos has dense vegetation. The rich fauna and flora of the island impresses every visitor. The island’s ground is lowland and can be cultivated. In the vineyards of Kos is produced fine, white, sweet wine, while the island is famous for tomato production. From ancient times to our days Kos, an age-long birthplace, gave birth to important personalities and became famous to the end of the world. It met times of boom that are registered on the remains of ancient towns and important monuments. It was the bone of contention among Genevans, Venetians, Turkish and Italian conquerors. But it kept its identity and the residents exploiting this untold beauty and important route in time, elevated their island to a top travel destination.

Lesvos, the island with unique beauties, long history and remarkable monuments. The homeland of great personalities that glorified the island at all historic times. The land that makes fine products, such as oil, ouzo and cheese, famous all around the world. Lesvos is the third in size island in Greece, after Crete and Evia. It is situated in the north Aegean Sea, between Chios and Lemnos and very close to the shores of minor Asia. It has a ground of 1630sq. Km. It is a fertile island, full of pines and oil trees that enchant every visitor. Lesvos or Mytilene, as people call it from the capital’s name, has everything. Mountains, valleys, green lands, magnificent coves and endless shores. Among them distinguish the petrified forest, one of the most important monuments of Geological Inheritance in Greece and the medicinal hot water springs, known from ancient times for their therapeutic effect. People decorated the island with ornaments of unique beauty. The archaeological sites, Venetian and Byzantine castles, the imposing monasteries and churches, villages with traditional feature, all reveal the island’s route through all historic times. Nowadays, Lesvos is a popular travel destination. It is ideal for cosmopolitan holidays and quiet as well. In such a big island, options are many. In the tourist resorts all around the island, visitors can enjoy all modern comforts. Accommodation, entertainment and food will leave you the best of impressions. If you are seeking for a quiet place, less cosmopolitan, Lesvos will reveal you a different face. Pictures of traditional life enchant every lover of nature. Meet the island of Sapfo, Myrivilis, Theofilos, Venezis and Elytis. Travel all around Lesvos and let your spirit free.


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Zakynthos, Flor di Levante, is another Ionian island with unique natural beauties. It is the southest island of the complex and third in extend and population among the Ionian islands. Its privileged geographic location gives visitors the opportunity to reach easily the rest if Ionian islands and the shores of Peloponese, famous for their beauties. And if today, Zakynthos’ geographic location is a trump card for tourist development, in the past it was the cause of evils. It was found in the sight of many conquerors of different historic periods that wanted to control Flor di Levante, which means the flowers of East, as Venetians used to call Zakynthos. Zakynthos is a hilly island characterized by piny mountains and fertile valleys that give her endless green landscapes. While the island’s idyllic beaches, rocky shores, impressive marine caves impress visitors. Here you will see some of the most famous beaches in the insular Greece, like the Shipwreck, Lagana, Volimies with the Blue Flags, etc. While touring around the island you will be impressed by its unseen natural beauties, historic monuments and hospitable people. The island is one of the last refuges of marine turtle caretta-caretta and of the Mediterranean monk seal monachus-monachus. That’s why it was established in the island the National marine Park, in the gulf of Laganas, in order to protect them. Zakynthos is an island with special culture. It had big spiritual bloom and gave birth to grand personalities of art, literature, poetry, etc. It is the homeland of our National poet Dionysios Solomos and of Andreas Kalvos. It is the place that Gregory Xenopoulos lived and many other personalities of our latest history. It is the island of serenade and light opera. Here, all feelings are dressed with notes. How is it possible then not to love Zakynthos? It has everything. History, monuments, imposing hilly bulks, verdurous forests and fertile valleys, endless shores and the blue-green Ionian waters. All these together epitomize every traveler’s summer dream. Visit Zakynthos and discover this earthly paradise!
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Mykonos. The most cosmopolitan island of Cyclades. The most famous island and the place that most people want to go for their holidays. The island of the winds, as they call it, is almost in the center of Cyclades islands and between Tino and Naxo. It's the closest island to Dilo. Boats from the port of Mykono's make trips to the sacred island of antiquity. Mykonos is one of the first islands in Greece that made tourist worth of its natural pores, sun and sea. It started to spread its rumor in the middle 1950's when the first visitors started to arrive in the island. Impressed from the authentic beauty of the houses and the beautiful beaches, turned to be the best advertisers of the island. The residents realizing this difference started to create the proper foundation. In the middle 60's Mykonos was already known as the island of celebrities. All the important personalities from the international jet set were there. It soon became fashion that -luckily-didn't pass. On the contrary, its rumor spreads every year so as its fans. Travelers wanting to live a bit at these rhythms visit the center every summer and the graphic villages and dance all night in the moonlight… Mykonos is the queen of fun. Here vacations mean party. An endless party that starts when the visitor arrives in the island and ends the moment he leaves. Of course if someone wants just to relax, Mykonos won't let him down. During his tour around the island he will discover dessert beaches and quiet villages. But because Mykonos is the island of pleasure, will provide you comfort staying in luxurious hotels in the country, in rooms to let and in studios. Prices are available for every visitor. Visit Mykono and have the holidays of your dreams…


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